Shou Sugi Ban

CMM is always on the search for the latest and greatest in home design, but we weren’t expecting it to be burnt wood! Shou sugi ban dates back 18th century Japan and was originally a technique used on cedar siding to make it waterproof, fireproof, and resistant to pests and rotting. The technique involves charring a wood surface to give it a completely new look. You can see how the process is done here.


The New York Times featured a great article on the technique describing how the trend is really appealing to people with a taste for artisanal design. Shou sugi ban has a very rustic feel and can be paired well with industrial lighting or other reclaimed wood. However, its elegance appeals to a more modern aesthetic as well, as you can see below from these photos shared by Delta Millworks.

wood burning 4.jpg
wood burning 6.jpg

Although CMM has not yet used this method, we are hoping this design makes its way down the shore! As the demand for more rustic detail increases, we could see this method being used in many of our future homes to complete the look!