A River Runs Past It

Design NJ interviewed me this summer in this article about one of our most popular homes.  It’s a design/build project we completed a few years back, and the response to the design from social media has been fantastic. We have hundreds of thousands of likes, idea book saves and pins on this home.


The design was a team effort by the homeowners, the architect Jason Lusardi, and CMM which I believe produced this beautiful home.  It was because of that cooperative approach that the project came together in a way that many projects miss when steps are taken without the whole team.  

The homeowners voiced their design requests and requirements, Jason interpreted and designed, and we detailed and built.  The homeowners were intimately involved in the design and detailed what they wanted.  Jason took his time to listen and revise the drawings to reflect what the homeowners wanted using his unique aesthetic.  We were there to hear the homeowners original ideas.  We were able to reflect that in every decision during the build.  The strong relationship and trust we built during design made the build process smooth.    

The home came together better and reflected the original intent in a way that doesn't happen in the bid/build process.  Bid build removes the builder from the conversation around the root of the design and doesnt allow for trust to be built untill construction begins.  

We believe this home and homes like it, built using the team approach results in a better home regardless of size, scope, budget or style.  


We have posted  this article to social media before, but I wanted to get it up on the blog and re-share as I think it really highlights the strength of the design build process.  When you build your team before you design your house the results are fantastic! 

If you have a design/build experience and would like to share it; leave a comment below!  

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