All you never wanted to know about Kohler Shower Valves

I must admit that sometimes I cross words regarding different shower valves.  We depend on our partners at Ferguson to bring our clients through the process of selected plumbing fixtures but I figured I would share this easy break down of shower valve types from Kohler.  You can see their article or read my summary below:

Here is the simplest setup.  It is called a pressure-balancing valve.  In one control, it turns the shower on and off and adjusts the temperature.  It is the least expensive option and keeps things simple. 


For more complex showers with multiple heads we have a Thermostatic with Manual Volume controls.  This allows you to independently adjust the volume of water and temperature.  This setup requires additional valves and trims but you get much more control.  


If you want control both in and out of the shower, and precise controls then you should look to a Thermostatic Digital Valve.  This is a clean install where the valves can be installed remotely and all you have in the shower is the temp control and the heads.  Very Custom! 


There are really exciting options for plumbing fixtures today.  From the styles, the finishes, to the valves you can certainly find something that fit your wildest dreams.   

If you have questions about shower valves leave a comment below.  If you would like to include one of these systems in your new home get in touch!