Home Owners Guide to Simple Timeless Living

"Living simply" in your home is a way to enjoy your surroundings without feeling burdened by them. Many people have referred to home ownership as a part time job.  It is true that there are many tasks that need to be done in order to maintain your home, but they can be simplified to help you take back that time so that you can simply live. When done efficiently and with purpose, we can narrow the tasks of home ownership to give you back that feeling of lightness when you are in your home. The goal is for your home to work for you, not the other way around.


If you are building new we recommend that you work with a design build team to come up with the best layout for your home. There is no one right way. You have many different needs and this team will work with you to make sure that you prioritize the lay out of your home in such a way that you are utilizing your space to maximum capacity. For example, which door do you plan to use to enter your home? And does that space have a place for your bag and keys?  Design efficiency is paramount to enjoying your home. Your home requires maintenance which is well worth it if the space adds value to your life. Your design build team can work with you to make sure that this value is maximized. At CMM we think this aspect is so crucial that we begin the home building process with this in mind. Our design build team will work with you throughout the entire home building process so that the layout, lighting, furniture, and over all feel of the home is directly tailored to your lifestyle.

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qually as important as layout, is the positioning of your hard earned money. There are certain areas of your home that are well worth prioritizing for that feeling of money well spent. The first of which is appliances. Newer more efficient appliances will save you money in energy costs, and will save you energy in not needing to fix and replace them on a continual basis. We have recommended a variety of appliances throughout the years, but the ones with the highest customer satisfaction rating include Sub Zero Wolf AppliancesMiele, and Jenn-Air. The initial costs for these appliances is certainly higher, however the long term gain will win out your affections in the end.


Another area of powerful gains on initial investment is with your lighting. LED bulbs cost more in the beginning, but you can expect to recoup this cost within a year of using them. LED bulbs can last up to 20 years, which saves not only money, but possibly your sanity as well as you no longer have to take out the step ladder to change bulbs in those hard to reach places. A great resource for many types of designer bulbs is Satco Bulbs, as is our blog Top 5 Ways to Go Green.  Take a look for more information on how energy efficiency is money and time efficiency as well.


In addition, let's take a minute to venture outside of your home. How is your landscape design working for you? Have you maximized your outdoor space? Do you have a system set up to change over the seasons? Are you taking the best possible care of your trees, garden, pool, grass, and shrubbery? Of course if you live within the shore area CMM can be doing all of that for you with CMM Service plus (shameless plug :=), but if you live outside of this area, it will help you to maximize your time and money by letting this one go to the professionals. This is another area of short term expenditure for long term gain. If the diseased tree in your back yard goes unnoticed, dies and falls on your house, you are not only risking your home and money, but safety as well. The perennials and shrubbery that were so important to you during the initial portion of your landscape design deserve the time and attention required to maintain them. If you do not have the time (or a green thumb), then it is important to hire someone who does.

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All that being said, less is more. Clutter is mental noise that you can simply do without. The idea is to make sure that every item in your homes serves a purpose and brings you joy. This will help to expend energy on the things that matter, and save energy on the things that don't. Maximizing the efficiency of your home does not need to be laborious at all. In fact, when you structure it in this way, you will feel more in control of the status of your home. This will tap in to your sense of ownership and give you the freedom to live in your home unburdened and teaming with pride. As always we wish you simple timeless living in all things that you do, but especially in the area of home ownership. If you have any questions regarding the status and maintenance of your home feel free to give us a call!