Copper is a Home's Best Friend

We all have elements that we love and are particularly drawn to.  The Jeweler loves diamonds, the seamstress loves leather, and I think we can be sure that the home builder loves copper!

Copper adds a timeless beauty to any home.  It can be used for roofs, rain gutters, domes, spires, doors, trim, and and much more.  It has been used since ancient times as a durable, corrosion resistant, and weather proof architectural material.  And that is just the outside of the house.  For the inside it’s uses include door knobs, fixtures, lighting material, pots and pans, and handrails.  

Why do we love it so much?  Traditionally because of its light weight, it’s thermal movement, and it’s recyclability.  But the uses have gone way beyond practicality.  We love what’s trending to be combined with what’s sensible.  Leaving us with a strong desire to decorate and build with this versatile metal.  

I seriously believe that you will never hear the word patina used as many times as when talking about copper.  The green patina is instantly recognizable.  No other metal ages as well and as beautifully as copper.  The final patina is a particularly durable layer that protects the rest of the metal from further aging.  Finishing your home with this metal is not cheap, but this may be where you want to put your money because the lasting benefits will keep you smiling.

Copper Rood Accents