New Year Follow Through

Many people make New Years resolutions that revolve around their home. I pledge to be more organized, I pledge to finish that project, or I pledge to start a remodel. These ideas are fun and interesting. The beginning of January is filled with wonderful conversations about all the home improvements that are about to happen. However what starts with incredible gusto sometimes get put on the back burner as soon as life, stress, or February takes its hold.
The good news is there are time tested methods to combat what I like to call resolution fatigue. Because trust me, you are not the only one with a folder full beautiful home make-over ideas. Now it is time to honor the jumpstarter in all of us with an army of follow through support.

1. The breakdown. Break your project down into small, achievable goals. Week one - gather supplies. Week two - research method etc.  You can even make a timeline outlining what you would like to accomplish.

2. For each accomplished small goal, treat yourself with a reward.  Rewards should be equal to the size of the accomplishment.  You can even put money aside every week in its own account.  When the entire project is finished, you allow yourself to access the money.  

3. According to the podcast “Hidden Brain” you can increase your chances of follow through by listening to your self talk.  Self talk during a project is usually said in the first person “why can’t I get this project done,” “why am I not finding the time.”  Research has shown that when people talk to themselves in the second or third person, “why does Jesse feel this way,” they report feeling less anxious and actually perform better in challenging situations.  

4. Researchers on Hidden Brain also report that the type of motivation plays a large role in project completion.  Strong internal motivations (create a loving environment for my family, decrease stress by decluttering) fared better than instrumental motivations (copying the jones’, making my home look like a magazine).

February is waiting to be the wonderful month of follow through!  This pic is my motivation to redo my girl’s bathroom!  Have fun.

pink girls bathroom double vanity