The Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower can instantly increase the quality of your summertime life.  It is luxurious, functional, and it adds a feeling of vacation to your summer weekends.  If you have not already thought about installing an outdoor shower, here are a few reasons why this particular home improvement can change your life!


1. Reason #1 Sand Prevention

Children returning home from the beach for some reason know just how to disperse sand to every corner of the house.  They wear their sand with pride as they show off a day well spent in the sun.  As adorable as glowing sandy children are, an outdoor shower can help keep the sand outside and the glow inside.  An added benefit is that after dinner the bath time rush has already been completed.  You and they can relax and enjoy your summer evening knowing that their sunkissed skin is clean and ready for pajamas.      

CMM NJ Outdoor Shower Build

2. Reason #2 Pool Parties

Whether this is a party of one, or the entire neighborhood, an outdoor shower will prevent wet feet from tracking pool water into the house. This slippery combination is a fall waiting to happen and can be easily prevented with an outdoor shower.  This way the dry and wet sections of the party can be kept happily separate.  

Closed In Outdoor Shower

3. Reason #3 Oh The Luxury

An outdoor shower can be a thing of beauty and style.  A rock bed on the floor or a particular cut of wood can add a spa like feature to your home without breaking the budget.  There is a feeling that emerges from harnessing the great outdoors, and with a few simple touches you can have this feeling in your own home.  

Stone Wall Outdoor Shower

Whether it is an improvement in outdoor funtionality, or a personal artistic expression in home decor, the outdoor shower is a worthy investment.   For more information on pricing, materials, or days to completion, feel free to give us a call over at CMM.  Cheers to fun in the sun!