Top 5 Pitfalls when Building a Home

Hindsight is both the most valuable and regrettable tool available to any decision making process.  It is the portal to wisdom but also the most angst ridden propensity of the human mind.  Unless of course we learn to capitalize on the gems of hindsight produced by those who have gone before us.  If there were ever a time to call upon the hindsight and wisdom of others, it is when you are building the home in which your life will unfold.  During our 30+ years of experience of building hundreds of homes, certain patterns have emerged as avoidable pitfalls of the home building process.  A few directive course changes can help a first time home builder navigate around these trouble areas with the ease and proficiency of the professionals.  


1. Pitfall #1 Communication

The language of construction revolves around the word "plans."  These plans are paramount to the final product closely resembling the vision that began the process.  An integral component of this is to make sure that each communication you have with your builder is written down.  The best case scenario is to utilize a web based structure that outlines every step of the construction process.  That way all communications there-in can be seen and referred back to during any point in the process.  This type of operating system will be remarkably beneficial for both you the client, and the entire team of people that are coming together to build your home.  For example at CMM, we use a system called Chief Architect so that we can communicate the design in 3-D on our owners phones.  In addition, we use a system called Co-Construct, so that we can connect our clients to our partners and all work together as a team.

Construction Communication

2. Pitfall #2 Quality Control

A variety of materials are available for any system in the house.  This leaves the potential for people to try to cut costs whenever possible.  However, it is important to remember that the material is only half the cost of a finished job.  Labor and installation will cost the same regardless of the material used.  Quality products will greatly enhance many aspects of the finished product.  Inferior materials will incur hidden costs, inefficient techniques, and surprises that will end up costing more in the long run.  Materials like faux wood imported from china can even be hazardous to your health or corrode metal items like a home's wiring.  This is a delicate balance because staying within budget is also extremely important.  Together, you and the CMM team can create a plan to accurately prioritize these expendentitures so that you have the highest quality of materials within the given budget.  

3rd Floor Built ins

3. Pitfall #3 Decision Fatigue

There are currently over 47,000,000 possible websites to explore when trying to decide which faucet to put into your second floor hallway bathroom.  This amount of information is daunting for even the most decisive among us.  It is for this reason that it is important to choose a builder that has this process streamlined for you.  For example, a tiered package selection process whereby you can opt for the level that suites your desire will help to save time and stress.  You can choose from the no fuss option, to the highest of luxury, and know that everything will coordinate to match the specific needs of your home. 

Black white and tan bathroom

4. Pitfall #3 Know Thyself

We are a generation of voyeurs.   We love to look at how other people have constructed their homes to fit their lives.  The popularity of sites like houzz and HGTV are a testament to that.  These sites have greatly improved our awareness of the opportunities that are available to the makeup of a home.  However, it is important to truly consider what details will enhance the quality of your life, and which ones will lack luster in terms of daily impact.  If you are someone who does a ton of laundry for various reasons, that additional laundry room on the first floor might be a great place to focus resources.  However, if this is just an idea you pulled from the internet with no true grounding to your lifestyle, this could amount to an inefficient use of resources.

Laundry mornings.png

5. Pitfall #5 When opportunity knocks, answer.

A custom home lends the opportunity for features to be added smoothly and efficiently from the beginning.  For example, radiant heat is a lengthy and expensive feature to add to an existing home.  However, the costs of this process are significantly reduced when done from the start in a custom home.  It is important to truly consider the options that are available to you because it is during the build process that these features are most seamlessly added.  Take a tour through homes with custom features and see which ones strike the most resonating chord.  For example, built-ins are not necessarily more expensive than furniture and can provide years worth of use and beauty.  You have embarked upon possibly the largest purchase of your life, take advantage of the wonderful details that will keep you smiling for years to come.  

Fireplace Built Ins

At CMM, we will walk you through each of these points to help you feel at ease and confident about your decisions.  Because in the end, your relationship with your builder is the true antidote to all the aforementioned pitfalls.  We have been there before and understand the process from both sides of the build.  So from all of us here at CMM, cheers to you and your future build.  And of course, click the logo below to explore more in the world of custom homes.