Unique House Designs

Technology has come a long way with tools for designing a custom home. Before 3D Models and Virtual Reality, people were left to imagine what their custom design would look like based on drawings and blueprints. For those looking to create a uniquely designed home, new technology has paved the way to for modern homeowners to get as creative as possible. To be able to visualize their future home, the creative possibilites are endless, and DesignBlendz shared a blog post on 5 home designs that have become more popular in the modern age.

1. Geometric Designs


3. Yurts


Although CMM builds mostly along the Jersey Shore (where we don't see many tiny homes!), we are always looking for new and innovative projects to be a part of! We see that popular modern designs often offer a minimalist and organized style as shown above. We love to bring some of this style to the shore. Below, are a few examples from one of our more minimalist shore homes. 

Using our design technology, we give all of our homeowners a visual of what their future home-to-be will look like. Get in touch today to see how we could be the right fit for any home design you bring to the table!