Bathroom Love

I was recently at the A&D building in Manhattan taking note of the latest trends and products that have hit the market with style and pizzaz.  Many details caught my attention in this building of wonder and home design eye candy.   What could not be ignored was the way in which functionality was presented as style.  Bathrooms serve many functions in a very small space, and are perhaps the biggest power punch per square footage in the whole house.  The trend that I saw was to use every inch of your bathroom, regardless of size, and infuse it with both style and functionality.

183_20151214_CMM_NorwoodAvon copy.jpg

The first trend was furniture looking vanities in the bathroom.  It is brilliant in its simplicity.  Furniture has drawers, space for storing, and looks inviting.  Why not put it in the room with the most traffic and purposes in the whole house.  

Utilize space.  Bathrooms need floor to ceiling attention as well.  This can be done through built-ins or area shelves and can add beauty and storage.

Living beauty.  Bring a plant into the bathroom to add life and color.  You can go as crazy or as simple as your heart desires on this one.