Black is the New Stainless

We know you love your stainless steal appliances.  You have been loving them in your kitchens for over a decade.  A clean industrial look continues to inspire both the designer and the home chef.  However change is on the horizon.  Brace yourself for the newest look in kitchen design. 

Black. Stainless. Steel.  

This change is exciting because it brings a certain warmth to the already existing industrial design.  It is made with stainless steel, coated with a darker hue, and topped with a protective coating.  Its versatility is incredible as it blends with bright and neutral tones.  The black stainless effortlessly integrates with traditional stainless pieces, and the two can be mixed and matched in the home kitchen. 

Oh and there’s more.  Some other exciting design tips on the horizon include cabinet doors that hinge up and out of the way with the touch of a button.  Check out to learn more.  

It is also becoming rapidly more popular to integrate varied materials into your countertop.  We all love granite, but we are not limited to it.  Designers are now layering looks like stone with wood.  Check out this example below from CMM construction.  They used this look to add warmth to the kitchen. 

I have mentioned Kohler on this blog before and I am taking the license to do it again here.  Quite often a touch of modern goes a long way.  Kohler’s Purist faucet line has an edgy minimalist quality to it, and all finishes are complementary to a neutral palette.  Check out for more.  

There are so many design ideas that hit the market every season, and as always, we will keep you in the know.