Create Your Space

A piece of land has been calling your name and asking you to build something beautiful. Like a predator on the hunt you have tracked, scoped, and pounced on a corner of the world that is in the perfect location. You have assessed your current situation and found just the right neighborhood to meet your needs. Your instincts have been spot on, you have spoken to the right people, and you have let your prowess guide you to find this amazing spot to build a home. Now those same influences that helped the hunter in you find the place, will be what helps you design the space.

Your neighborhood choice plays a large role in the type of home you are about to build. The iconic shore home just wont work in a city neighborhood. There are design elements that can be utilized to fit the theme and feel of an area, and times to break the mold to add your personal touch and preferences.

Here are the specifics....

There are certain neighborhoods that call for a traditional shore home. In these areas you will find well defined spaces, paneled doors, windows with grills, shingle siding, elaborate trim and columns.  Take a look at the picture below as it embodies many of the elements of a traditional shore home.  

If you want to go down the contemporary path, there are certain details that will give you the look you are aiming for. Clean lines, expansive views, large doors, but a traditional facade.  This home below shows how you can blend both contemporary and traditional elements.

If you want that modern beach look, you will need to integrate more geometric shapes while still staying with those clean lines to keep your surroundings crisp and minimal.  There is a great builder in Florida that we know from our NAHB Builder 20 club who has this look perfected.  His name is Phil Kean and this is a home that he and his team built that really takes on this modern look beautifully.  

One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time it is like life starting all over again. – Renzo Piano

As the above quote implies, the opportunities inherent in each build are endless and magnificent.  This is a time to start something new that will become a part of you and the expression of what you hold dear.  As you choose your next build, let the details be the guide that form the artistic expression therein.  Give us a call when those ideas yearn to be three dimensional.  

From all of us at CMM,

Happy Building!