Find Your Home

When searching the market for that perfect house, it is a common occurence to look at every listing and not find exactly what you want. There is one house that is close but it is more than you want to spend. There is another that is closer to your price point but the layout is all wrong.  Building new or renovating seem like they could be good options for you but you have so many questions about the process you are not sure where to begin. You are not alone. This process can be daunting especially if this is your first time exploring this field. Finding the right location can yield rewards that will literally last a lifetime. We are here to help guide you through this journey to simple, timeless, living.

When shopping for a location you are looking for more than just a place to build a house, you are selecting a community. We suggest you write out your community preferences by order of priority and stick with them. Items like distance to the beach, restaurants & shopping, access to cultural centers, entertainment, and schools are all important factors that need serious consideration at the beginning of this process. You could find the perfect area for you and your family, but if it leaves you with a two hour commute everyday it becomes far from perfect. These preferences are so personal and vary according to life stage and style.

At times it is difficult to ascertain what attributes each area offers. This is why local knowledge is priceless. For example a home close to the ocean is in a much different community depending on the season. Each beach draws a much different crowd. Knowing these local details is important to the process of choosing your place. If you are not intimately familiar with an area, talk to someone who is.  We are here to help guide you by using our local knowledge to help you make the right decision.

Once you have focused in on your target community, we can help navigate the unknown about buying in that location. This is a deceptively complicated purchase that has the potential to lead to many head aches. If purchasing an existing home for renovation we love to look at the bones and possibilities. The open concept layout is very popular right now, and with the right engineering many times we can make that work in an old home. Renovation inherently has more unknowns than building new because you are working with materials that may come with many surprises. However we have been doing this for many years and know how to best handle any situation that an older home may throw at us. If surprises like these do not fit your personal framework (pardon the pun), then building new may be a better option for you as it has a more predictable timeline. There are benefits to both of these options that we can discuss and set you on your right path.

Once you have found your space it is important to look at the property and decipher exactly how to make the best use of the land. What is the best way to capitalize on a view? Which landscape plan will give you the most privacy? Which layout makes the most sense for you and your family? We can help answer these questions as they are part of a larger conversation that provide a clearer view of your building goals.

This purchase is a highly practical investment as well as an expression of your self and your family structure. We will guide you through the intricate confluence of these two factors. This process doesn't have to be daunting. If you use the right tools, it can be an exciting, adventurous endeavor. It is explorative in nature and calls to that primal side of you that wants to stake your ground and build your home. We love being a part of this stage because we know that it puts the right professional in proximity of your dreams.