Sitting is the New Smoking

The powers that be will continuously tell us to do more of one thing and less of another.  Thank goodness we don’t have to completely eradicate our vices because the newest things that we are asked to cut down on is sitting.  At first, this surprised me because the simple act of sitting is just so enjoyable and seemingly innocuous.  However, I get it.  We sit at the office, in our cars, at home, online and virtually every where we go.  Modern technology may be tipping us into a sitting over load.  Art and design have found a way to reflect this trend and bring it home by revamping the approach to furniture placement.  The general idea is to picture how you would like to move through a room, instead of sit in it.  

For example this kitchen featured above has ample seating options, however it is not the focal point.  There is plenty of space to walk around and mingle with friends at a dinner party.  The seating area is off to the side which invites guests to stay on their feet. 


This kitchen has no sitting area at all.  It is a space dedicated to cooking, snacking, and preparing. 

This space is kept light and airy by eliminating heavy furniture and highlighting the breezy quality of the room. 

Every seasoned host knows tricks that will keep people moving and mingling during a party.  These entertaining gems have been parlayed into home design in a very fashionable way.  I will gladly partake as long as at least one space is reserved for the professional couch potato!