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Designing a plan - If we have the privilege of building our relationship before you select your property, we can develop an understanding of your needs and how each property's attributes will effect what can be designed for that location.   We begin with general questions, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you may want, what size, your budget, and then get into more specialized requests. Say you want an indoor/outdoor entertaining space for example. We are able to account for that early in the process so you won’t be surprised by the budgets once the design is done.

CMM works with architects, engineers, planners and attorneys, We can assist in building the team needed for a successful project. We can also recommend architects to suit your style and vision. We are able to work as a whole team to create your home, with complete transparency on what things will cost throughout the entire process. Being involved at the very beginning stages allows us to guide you in right direction when it comes to budget, design, zoning, permits and all of the other necessary steps in the home building process. Durability and Livability are integrated into design when we are able to be a part of this process.


Quality that survives time. CMM offers a hands-on approach with experience that has brought us wisdom for over 35 years. Through our many years of being in the building industry, we have had to face  many different obstacles and are always able to overcome and build better practices. This knowledge is passed on to every new homeowner we work with. We are always available for any questions or concerns throughout the entire process. CMM works with you as a team. We are in the business of building not only homes, but also relationships.





Our build doesn’t just stop at the completion of your home. Our relationships with our homeowners continue long past move in day. With our CMM Service Plus program, we are here for any problem or small projects that may come about.